Math Mastery Series
While adopting the concept of a scripted lesson made famous by Engelmann and the University of Oregon, the Farkota DI model has modernised the delivery process, and streamlined the script concept in a manner that strikes a balance between teacher-directed and student-directed learning. Recognising that some skills are better acquired through one approach and some through the other, the MMS consists of daily lessons composed of strands each starting at base level where foundations are laid. These strands proceed to build on the foundations moving through the particular concepts involved whilst all the time inter-relating with the other strands being run concurrently.
MMS programs (JEMM, JEMM+ and EMM) serve as daily diagnostic tools incorporating daily assessment as an integral part of the learning process.

These programs:
  • map student progress
  • identify precisely where and when students experience difficulty
  • contain inbuilt assessment and correction procedures
  • instil fluency and automaticity in fundamental math skills

Junior Elementary Math Mastery
JEMM features 80 lessons composed of 10 strands: Whole number addition; Whole number subtraction; Number facts; Place value; Number patterns; Money; Measurement; Fractions; Time; Chance and data.
Ideally suited for middle primary, and upper primary remedial students.
Requires daily 10–15 minutes to implement, plus 3–7 minutes for instant feedback.
Junior Elementary Math Mastery+
JEMM+ features 120 lessons, each composed of 15 strands: Counting; Addition; Subtraction; Multiplication; Division; Number patterns; Fractions; Decimals; Measurement; Space; Data and Chance; Money; Time; Visual perception; Problem solving.
Ideally suited for middle primary, and upper primary students.
Requires daily 15-20 minutes to implement, plus 5–10 minutes for instant feedback.
Elementary Math Mastery
EMM features 160 lessons, each composed of 20 strands: Addition; Subtraction; Multiplication; Division; Number patterns; Equations and inverse operations; Whole number properties; Fractions; Decimals; Measurement; Space; Geometry; Average, percentage, ratio, chance; Math language; Money; Time; Algebra; Visual perception; Data analysis; Problem solving.
Ideally suited for upper primary, first year secondary and secondary school remedial students.
Requires daily 15–20 minutes to implement, plus 5–10 minutes for instant feedback.


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Using the Script

Provides alternate modes of delivery:
  • Visual Delivery presentations include all visual diagrams, formulas and display material
  • Whiteboard and Blackline Masters (for use where eletronic delivery unavailable)

Both modes are incorporated into the script.

Teacher Interview

About the Author

Dr Rhonda Farkota, formerly a Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Council for Educational Research (1998-2018), has long been recognised as one of Australia’s foremost experts in Direct Instruction (DI). Her doctoral research into DI, mathematics and self-efficacy was described by Professor DH Schunk, Dean of Education, University of North Carolina, as an outstanding thesis on a topic of great theoretical and applied significance. Before joining ACER in 1998, she was a Teacher and Curriculum Advisor, and sat on the Curriculum Committees of both the Education Department and the Catholic Education Office. In 2008 she was specially seconded as Assistant Director of Australia’s National Assessment Program (NAPLAN™). Dr Farkota received the 2013 Mona Tobias Award in recognition of her significant contribution to evidence-based practice in education.

In-School Professional Learning

Dr Rhonda Farkota is available to conduct professional learning in your school.
For expressions of interest please contact or call 1300 029 189
JEMM, JEMM+, EMM sample lessons, and EMM introductory notes and EMM Visual Presentations below. Give EMM a try! If you would like to try JEMM and JEMM+ please contact us. All rights reserved.
JEMM Junior Elementary Math Mastery
Lessons 1-5
Lesson 80
JEMM+ Junior Elementary Math Mastery+
Lessons 1-5
Lesson 120
EMM Elementary Math Mastery
Lessons 1-5
Lesson 160
Visual Delivery for Lessons 1-5
JEMM, JEMM+, EMM student workbook Electronic Display Material, and Student Awards below.
JEMM Junior Elementary Math Mastery
Student Awards
Electronic Display Material
JEMM+ Junior Elementary Math Mastery+
Student Awards
Electronic Display Material
EMM Elementary Math Mastery
Student Awards
Electronic Display Material

Updates below pertain to MMS Publications systematic review.

The Junior Elementary Math Mastery (JEMM) Teacher Book Introduction replaces pp. i–x. It is more comprehensive in that it includes inter alia a table of contents, a lesson schedule, and information relevant to the myJEMMdata Student Workbook.
JEMM Junior Elementary Math Mastery


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