Sample Materials

The Math Mastery Series encompasses three programs: Junior Elementary Math Mastery (JEMM); Junior Elementary Math Mastery+ (JEMM+);  and Elementary Math Mastery (EMM).  JEMM+ is more challenging than JEMM and not as difficult as EMM.  JEMM, JEMM+ and EMM introductory notes, sample lessons and visual presentations are available for download below. All rights reserved.

Junior Elementary Math Mastery (JEMM)

Lessons 1-5
Lesson 80
VD Lessons 1-5

Junior Elementary Math Mastery+ (JEMM+)

Lessons 1–5
Lesson 120
ERS Lessons 1–5

Elementary Math Mastery (EMM)

Lesson 1-5
Lesson 160
ERS Lessons 1-5